How to Avoid FOMO at an Event

  • Fear of Missing Out

    • Oxford English Dictionary added “FOMO” as a word in 2013

      • FOMO (ˈfəʊməʊ), n. anxiety that an exciting or interesting event may currently be happening elsewhere, often aroused by posts seen on social media

  • Everyone Has a Little FOMO
    • No one wants to miss out on cool experiences

      • 2 in every 3 (56%) online adults get anxious about missing events or status updates if they don’t pay attention to social media

    • Millennials and Gen Zers have it bad

      • Nearly 7 in 10 (69%) Millennials experience FOMO

      • 36% of teens say they check social media just to see if their friends are doing things without them

    • FoMO Linked to Unhappiness

      • Studies show an association between making social comparisons on Facebook and depression

      • The FOMO Cycle

  1. Feel good about your life

  2. See social media posts of other people’s more exciting lives

  3. Feel terrible about your life

  4. Go to a party with people you don’t like even though you’re exhausted

  5. Post cherry-picked photos of your night to show you’re just as exciting

  6. Repeat


Simple weekend plans leave us with FOMO exhaustion―but conventions and festivals can be even worse


  • Big Events: FOMO Breeding Grounds

    • Since 1987, consumer spending on live events and experiences relative to total spending increased 70%

    • Drivers of convention and exhibition attendance

  1. Education (72.9% rated very important)

  2. Keeping up with the industry/profession (72.9%)

  3. Networking opportunities (36%)

  4. Desirable location/destination (29.5%)

  5. Social interaction (27.3%)

  6. Engagements on social media (10.5%)

    • Biggest Conferences for FOMO

      • International Consumer Electronics Show (CES)

        • Trade show showcasing the latest advances in technology and engineering

        • 2017

          • Attendees: 109,498

          • Exhibitors: 67,321

      • South by Southwest (SXSW)

        • 24 diverse conferences on every topic from marketing to style to tech to food

        • 2017

          • Attendees: 70,696

          • Speakers: 5,088

          • Sessions: 2,128

          • Parties and official events: 1,084

      • Comic-Con International: San Diego

        • One of the largest comics and pop culture conventions in the world, with an itinerary including film screenings, costume contests, celebrity interviews

        • 2016

          • Attendees: 135,000+

          • Exhibitors: 728

          • Exhibit hall size: 460,000 square feet


Call out: Simultaneous sessions and overlapping events make convention FOMO hard to avoid—how can you experience every moment without wearing yourself down?


  • No Mo’ FOMO: Virtual Experiences

    • Live streams

      • Your aching feet can’t take another sprint across the conference hall to the next session

      • Watch livestreams from the comfort of your hotel bed so you don’t miss a single moment

    • Video recordings

      • Jam-packed schedules can make it impossible to watch an event while it’s happening

      • Watch recordings of every talk so the convention lives on long after you’ve made it home

    • Mobile event apps

      • Big events are all about making connections and starting conversations

      • Keep an eye on event schedules and chat with other attendees to catch up on what you’ve missed

    • More event producers are embracing tech

      • Expect to spend 10.8% more on event tech in 2017 than they did in 2016

      • 77% percent say their event tech budget has increased from last year

      • Event technology benefits everyone

        • 20% increase in event attendance

        • 27% increase in productivity

        • 20-30% decrease in costs


Embrace virtual experiences at your next big event so no one has to fear missing out!



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