Evia Ground Services

Live Streaming
Evia live streams events of all sizes, using a technology-agnostic approach to provide a high-quality, reliable streaming experience for viewers. Whether streaming to a global audience or to an overflow room next door, we design the perfect solution for your particular event, ensuring that your sessions are broadcast with success rates topping 99.99%.


Video On Demand
Creating content for a live event is a significant investment.  If you’re not capturing that content, the investment ends when the conference does.  Evia has a variety of solutions to capture your content, making it available to attendees who can only physically attend a handful of sessions, or to audiences who were unable to attend the conference.  Evia’s custom capture configuration ensures your recordings are protected from a technology glitch and allows us to edit, switch and easily distribute your files.

Video Production
Whether you need our Total Live Event Coverage onsite at your event, or you are looking for a professionally produced short video, Evia offers full-service video production packages that fit within your budget.


Media Production
Evia’s full in-house media team offers transcoding, custom editing, chapter indexing, transcription and video bumpers to create professional, engaging session videos that are accessible to all audiences. 

Evia Ground Team

Customized, scalable, and by your side from kick-off through wrap-up, the Evia Ground Team’s mission is delivering a successful virtual event.  


The Event Project Manager is your single point of contact. Planning and executing all details, communicating with stakeholders, and coordinating Evia resources, your Event Project Manager ensures that your event stays on budget and avoids technical mishaps, creating the ideal experience for your virtual attendees.


The Development Team creates web solutions that power your virtual events, developing custom hosting sites and apps, conducting pre-event testing, and providing online support during an event to ensure success.


Evia’s Technical Team specializes in adaptive technology solutions, choosing the right platform and equipment for your unique event.  Evia’s experts architect your technical solution, provisioning equipment and live streams, coordinating connectivity, working with the development team to determine streaming requirements, and managing content delivery options.

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Evia’s Production Team brings your content to life, editing your video for distribution, recording onsite at your event, and producing professional video packages and highlight reels. When you work with Evia, your sessions on-demand are made available to your audiences when their interest in your event is at its highest, within 24-48 hours.