Evia Cloud is an immersive, digital event hosting platform.

Implementing new event technology shouldn’t break your budget. With the Evia Cloud platform, there is now a cost-effective way for event owners to host digital events in a way that immerses attendees in an experience that is interactive, professional and easy-to-use.  


Evia Cloud is your go-to digital event solution. 
Evia Cloud showcases your event content, making it easy for your audience to engage with your event.  Live stream a popular keynote session, making it accessible to a global audience on any device. Host sessions on-demand, giving viewers access not only to video of your sessions, but supplemental materials as well. Engage with online audiences through moderated chat and social sharing. 


All your event content in one place.
Event days are loaded with dynamic information, and your attendees shouldn’t have to choose between one session and another. When you use Evia Cloud, participants can access more information where and when they want. 


Private and secure. You are in control of your content.
With Evia Cloud, you have the option of setting up your event as private, allowing you to decide who has access to your valuable content, and securing your virtual event with password-enabled access. 


Enable your brand to reach a larger audience.
With Evia Cloud, you can create a branded experience for your viewers, customizing your event page with your event's logo, fonts, images and colors all in an easy-to-use dashboard. Extend the reach of your event by making it accessible to audiences anywhere – from an overflow room onsite to anywhere around the world.      


Benefits of Evia Cloud

  • Customizable pages allow you to create a branded experience for your virtual event.

  • Creating sessions on-demand is not limited to video.  Upload ALL session assets including slide decks, handouts, and important supplemental materials.

  • Provision a live stream directly from your custom event page

  • Privacy functionality allows you to control who attends your event and who has access to your content.

  • Upload files with no file size limit, and edit your media with Evia Cloud’s media editing tools.

  • Provide ad-free viewing for your audience, and engage them in the conversation with moderated chat and social sharing.

  • See who watches, when, and for how long with Evia Cloud’s analytics tools.