create. curate. connect.

With Evia Cloud, you can easily create a branded experience for viewers,
customizing event pages with logos, fonts, images, and colors
all in an easy-to-use dashboard.


Your live audience has a fully produced live experience. The online audience should, too. Evia Cloud showcases your event’s content, making it easy for the virtual audience to engage with your event.

  • Easy: set up a branded site, assign collaborators, and create sessions in just a few minutes

  • Customizable: create engaging visual sites that complement your live event brand

  • Engaging: live stream from the platform and host sessions on demand

  • Versatile: include additional session assets to share with viewers

  • Interactive: communicate with your audience using moderated chat and social sharing

  • Valuable: collect lead data from your viewers

  • Secure: Control access and share content with a private audience