Evia Unite Volunteer Group Plants Trees as part of MLK Day of Service

In honor of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, Earth Corps dedicated a Day of Service to give back to one of our local forests. When our UNITE volunteer group signed up for the event, we didn’t know what exactly to expect, other than we were going to be outside and probably getting dirty. More importantly, we knew that we would be making a difference. 

The Joys and Struggles of Running a Family Business

A few weeks ago, I had the honor to be named a Top Family-Owned Business Leader in Washington State by the Puget Sound Business Journal. As part of the awards ceremony, I spoke on a panel with the three other winners (an interesting note: I was the only woman) about the joys and struggles of being in the family business.

Video Marketing Tips in 1..2..3..

While at MPI WEC18 last summer, I attended Antoine Dupont's session on Video Marketing. I figured I might learn a thing or two about marketing videos that I could pass along to my clients. Boy, was I wrong! Instead of learning "a thing or two," I received a wealth of information not only on the importance of video in your marketing strategy, but I also learned a concrete, proven formula to optimize your marketing strategy. I thought to myself, "All event organizers and event marketers should be doing this."

Phone Interview Tips: Don't Get Eliminated Before it Even Starts

Oh, the dreaded phone interview.  Why is it so hard to convey who we are over the phone to a stranger?  For me, it’s simple – if I can’t see your body language and reactions to what I am saying, I have no idea if I am on the right track.  No way to gauge how I am doing………it can be complete torture!