Get to Know Anita barberg


We would like to welcome our newest team member, Anita Barberg. Anita is the smiling face you see at the front desk in our Ballard headquarters, joining the team as our Office Coordinator.

Get to know a few fun facts about Anita.

Where are you from? I’m originally from Minnesota. I grew up in a small town west of Minneapolis with a population of 2,727 in the middle of a corn field with one stop light. I have been in Seattle for the last 15+ years.

Do you have any pets? I have a 16-1/2 year old cat named Lilo, who is living her best life.

What do you like to do in your leisure time? I like to take cooking classes and entertain my husband and friends by trying out new recipes. I also like to leisure jog, garden and float on my air mattress with a bottle or box of rose’.

What is your favorite thing about the Pacific Northwest? I like that you only have to scrape your windshield a couple times in the winter, and I love being so close to the water.

What shows do you binge watch? My favorites are the Golden Girls and anything on HGTV.

What is your favorite food? It’s a tie between homemade raviolis and steamed dumplings.

What is the best conference you’ve ever attended? The best was for Grainger in Orlando. It was massive, well-orchestrated, and they shut down Universal Studios for us, so we got to eat all the turkey legs and cotton candy that our hearts desired. We also got to ride all the rides with no lines!