Three Things I Learned in my First Three Weeks at Evia

Evia’s new Event Project Manager, Jessica Tate, and her “assistant” Pico

Evia’s new Event Project Manager, Jessica Tate, and her “assistant” Pico

Hi. I’m Jessica, a new Event Project Manager here at Evia. I have an educational and professional background in the events industry, but the event tech scene is new to me. Since Evia is focused on a specific niche of event technology - live streaming, content capture and media distribution - I’ve experienced a steep learning curve in the first few weeks. But I’ve always been a firm believer that if you are a little intimidated at a new job, then you are in a great place from a growth perspective. Because really, if we aren’t challenging ourselves and growing, what are we doing with our lives.

So at the risk of sounding like a total newbie, I want to share a list of some aspects of Evia that have been the most rewarding and challenging to me so far.

  1. There’s a pervasive culture of trust and a huge value placed on employee happiness. When job searching, I put a big emphasis on flexibility, culture and perks - and I’m so glad I did! In the three weeks I’ve been at Evia, I’ve experienced some of the best employee perks of anywhere I’ve ever worked. We had a team member appreciation day, where I devoured limitless hot dogs and got a stellar shoulder massage. Midweek donuts seem to magically appear in our kitchen. My personal favorite perk? There is a constant stream of adorable dogs coming in and out of the office.

  2. So many acronyms! On my first day, I started an Excel spreadsheet of every acronym I heard. Three weeks later, the grand total of widely-used tech acronyms has grown to over 40 and counting - and that’s just from shadowing one event! The full list of terms (not just acronyms) is 167. That’s a lot of info to learn!

  3. Development and innovation is at the forefront of the conversation. As part of Evia’s commitment to our clients, most conversations include some reference to emerging technologies and innovative solutions. Wrapping your head around processes and procedures at a new company is difficult, but it’s definitely more challenging (and exciting) when your company is working on some truly ground-breaking stuff.

All in all, I can confidently say I don’t have any “buyers’ remorse” about making the transition to Evia. A big factor in helping me meet the challenges here has been Evia’s mentorship program, where each new employee is matched with a seasoned employees that helps transform them from a new hire into a productive, established, happy team member. I don’t have any fears about growing bored with the work we do at Evia since it’s constantly evolving.

So cheers to all new employees pushing themselves into their next role with enthusiasm! It’s a great place to be!