"I want people to come to my live event, so I won't live stream." The Myth of Event Cannibalization

I hear this story often, “I don’t want to live stream because I want people to attend my event in person.”

by Darcy Gabriele Digital Events Enthusiast

by Darcy Gabriele
Digital Events Enthusiast

Have you found yourself thinking this way too? There exists a pervasive myth that if you live stream an event, people will choose to not attend it in person. I don’t know where or how this started, but I hear it all the time from planners and event owners.

I’m here to challenge this perception.

Think about it. When was the last time you were: interested in an event, in the same location as the event, available on that day, and had the money or budget to attend…and decided not to go because you could watch it online?

My guess is that when all those things are true, you’d rather attend in person. That’s because there will always be tremendous value in attending live events. Live events allow like-minded people to network, build community, share ideas and discuss challenges. Nothing can replace the power of face-to-face interaction. (Maybe I shouldn’t say nothing, as someone might read this in 20 years and laugh with their Virtual Reality-implanted microchip*”…).

Live streaming or content capture allows you to engage the people who cannot travel to your event. As I tell my clients, your in-person audience and your online audience will be different. Engaging a different audience extends the value and ROI of your event, and it often turns viewers into attendees the following year.

Interested in exploring how live streaming can enhance your event? I’d love to chat with you more. Leave a comment below or email me directly at darcy.gabriele@evia.events.

*As far as I know, this is a thing I made up. But who knows? It may be real in the future.