Our Approach Sets Us Apart from the Crowd…



There are many ways businesses can choose to approach new and existing clients, but for Evia we have chosen to embrace a new way of thinking and this is called the Evia Approach. This approach is built on six pillars – Strategize, Manage, Build, Produce, Share and Analyze.

During this phase we look to expand upon the standard discovery process. Our goal is to gain a better understanding of your digital strategy.


We have learned through our 20+ years of supporting events, that content lives beyond the onsite experience.


Through in-depth conversations, and the engagement of our subject matter experts (SME),
we help to identify solutions that not only meet your onsite needs, but provide insights to better engage attendees. We identify and provide a long-term digital strategy throughout the year. 

Once a project is confirmed, our client solutions and engineering team begin the implementation of the strategy. Each event is assigned to a designated project manager who works cross-functionally to achieve the vision. The project manager is your single point of contact (SPOC). Their goal is to work with you directly, providing insights into the progress of the project and to work with you in supporting changes throughout the life-cycle of the project.

Most importantly, we work cohesively to ensure we meet and exceed your goals.

Now the real work begins. Our team of experts use the strategy to begin the configuration of capture and streaming hardware, the development on the digital solutions, and ensure front to end testing is completed. Not only is our internal preparation important, but our integration with the suppliers is critical to our success. We ensure that proper audio visual (AV) and networking needs are met.

Our focus during this stage is to make sure we have configured, prepared and tested our solutions so when arriving onsite we are ready to produce.   


The time has come, and we are now onsite to produce. Our mission is to successfully deploy, test and execute the delivery of the project in a live environment. This phase includes the deployment and testing of our capture and streaming devices, and the in-person communication with the AV, network and logistics team.

We aim to provide an SLA of 24 hours or less.

Throughout the strategize phase we work to determine what the content delivery method will be. We specialize in integrating with third-party content management systems (CMS) such as YouTube, Brightcove, or even your own internal CMS. No worries if you do not have a CMS in mind because Evia provides a multi-functional one. We offer content hosting, AI (Artificial Intelligence) and ML (Machine Learning) for closed captioning, and SMART content allowing transcription, multi language, keyword search, sharing of content segments to specific groups — these are just a few options within Evia’s capabilities.

No worries if you do not have a CMS in mind because Evia provides a multi-functional one.


Now that the content has been streamed and captured, how do you as the client understand the ROI and impact this had on your project? Using detailed metrics and observations by the onsite team, we compile comprehensive data to support the success of the event and the implementation of the strategy. We also assess and address any areas of opportunity in a post-event conversation.

The Evia Approach is ever evolving to meet your needs and provide you with a strong foundation to build your future projects on. We look forward to working with you!