Video Marketing Tips in 1..2..3..

by Darcy Gabriele  Digital Events Enthusiast

by Darcy Gabriele
Digital Events Enthusiast

While at MPI WEC18 last summer, I attended Antoine Dupont's session on Video Marketing. I figured I might learn a thing or two about marketing videos that I could pass along to my clients. Boy, was I wrong! Instead of learning "a thing or two," I received a wealth of information not only on the importance of video in your marketing strategy, but I also learned a concrete, proven formula to optimize your marketing strategy. I thought to myself, "All event organizers and event marketers should be doing this."

So many event organizers today are simply recording their event content for the sake of posterity. Imagine the event ROI potential if there was a simple and effective event content strategy in place that optimized your content to drive first-time attendance to your next event, to fill your sales pipeline with qualified leads, or increase your membership base.

Or a better question to ask is this: What opportunities are you leaving on the table by NOT incorporating your event content into a video marketing strategy?

Here are my top 3 takeaways from Antoine's session that I hope you will consider and "steal" for your next event.

1. Use your Event Content to Improve SEO.

Did you know Google’s search rankings value how long someone stays on your website? They use it to determine how relevant your site will be for other people making the same search. Sure, you can fill your website with great information that someone may skim, but you risk them quickly leaving in a few seconds, thus increasing your bounce rate.

Yet, if you had a video for people to watch, that 2-5 minutes they're watching your video translates to them remaining on your page. Google's algorithms say, "wow, this person must have the answer they wanted since they stayed on the page so long." And thus, your SEO score improves, and your page comes up sooner on certain searches. This can be leveraged for anyone who has content from an event, whether you're a corporation, user conference, industry event, association, or non-profit.

2. The 2-minute Video Rule is a Myth.

Somewhere along the way, someone decided that a video should be no longer than two minutes, or people won't watch it. Antoine has been researching video marketing for years, and he says there's no data to back that claim up. People like long-form.... they just don't like BAD long-form. If your event content is engaging (i.e., great content, good lighting and camera angles, etc.), people will watch a long video. In fact, Antoine's most popular video is actually 44 minutes long!

Now, that doesn't mean Event Marketers should only post the entire session of their content. I work with a user conference that pulls sound bites from their sessions into clips of varying lengths. While some are only 2-5 minutes, some are 15-20 minutes long, and they get great engagement out of it. The difference is that they were strategic about their post-event content strategy.

For marketing, it's time to look for something in between the catchy 2-minute video and the full-length PowerPoint-driven session. Strategic long-form that has been well-produced can be an extremely effective way to increase user engagement.

3. End Your Video With a Call-to-Action

As a marketer or event manager, you want your content to inspire the viewer to take a specific action. Is it signing up for your newsletter? Attending your event next year? Requesting a demo? Visiting a landing page? All you have to do is ask!

If you want to optimize your event content for your marketing efforts, add video bumpers (intros and outros) that are branded with your company/organization, event name and call to action. People may have a great experience watching your event content, but they might quickly move on unless you give them a way to stay engaged with your brand.

There were a lot more takeaways from Antoine's session, so I recommend you watch the full version below. It’s event content worth watching. And if you are interested in learning more about using your event content for video marketing, click here to schedule a time to chat with me.