Evia Unite: Volunteering at Redeeming Soles

redeeming soles pic.PNG

On October 31st, a team from Evia volunteered time to help at Redeeming Soles, whose mission and vision is “to empower those in need through the provision of footwear” and that “all men, women and children in the community have the necessary footwear to be able to participate in daily life.” Employees volunteered through a program called Evia Unite, which encourages employees to give back to the community and environment. Through Evia Unite, we strive to inspire engagement and connect communities.


At Redeeming Soles, the Evia volunteers spent two hours sorting through hundreds of donated shoes, placing them into piles based on gender, age group and newness. In addition to the satisfaction of giving back to a great local organization, Tim from Redeeming Soles made the event fun for the Evia team. According to one team member, “We had an amazingly great time! We loved Tim and definitely want to do more with him and that organization.”

Others loved the mission. “It felt good for us knowing that these shoes would be going to good homes, and it felt even better when some clients came in and got shoes for themselves, their son and others.”

team shoes.PNG

The team as a whole really enjoyed the experience and getting to help. According to another team member, “this experience was quite positive. It was fun to literally get our hands dirty and to actually get to the ground level of an organization that provides such a necessary service.”

Through the Evia Unite program, employees are encouraged to participate directly in volunteer activities and are given time during work hours to be involved. “I enjoyed doing something completely different for an afternoon than what we normally do day to day. I would definitely do this again! Let’s make it happen!”