Livestreaming as Content Marketing: Quantity vs. Quality

by Darcy Gabriele Client Solutions Manager

by Darcy Gabriele
Client Solutions Manager

I attended SummitLive on Wednesday, a program for live streamers with great speakers and fantastic networking. The audience and panelists came from diverse backgrounds: some who livestream on a simple set up to individual followers, like an iPhone onto Facebook Live, and others, like Evia, who have invested millions into the highest quality professional equipment and broadcast on robust platforms, and livestream as a service for large events and meetings. 

It got me thinking about live-streaming as content marketing. There seem to be two schools of thought on branded content marketing: produce a lot of content, quickly (quantity over quality), versus investing in an engaging set up and high quality, long form content to a targeted audience (quality over quantity). 

Both have their pros/cons. Which side does your brand fall under?

 Fast & Cheap

A former company I worked at was all about this -- busting out 2-3 pieces of content per day. Content was usually produced internally, and the range of content was pretty big. They often weighed in on current trending topics. It worked great for them, because the content they produced was valuable, and their target audience (independent, small business owners) were able to connect with it. 


- Multiple opportunities for audience to engage with your brand
- Simple set up means you can start anywhere at any time
- Leverage current events to have a voice- brand can connect with audience about the things they are talking about in that moment
- Minimal, if any, costs
- Can be done easily with internal team
- Content Strategy can be light and flexible 


- Not all content produced will be engaging or relevant for your audience
- Low quality video and audio will turn off some viewers
- Better for C2C brands than B2B or B2C... very difficult for business brands to do well
- More difficult to use content to capture leads
- Each piece has a very short lifecycle 

Thoughtful and Well-Produced

This is where my current company shines- we believe in a crafted event content strategy with a long lifecycle and lead generation at the center. We help other businesses use their event/meeting content to reach a larger audience. This is for businesses who have a professional brand, targeting “big clients.”


- Quality means engagement- audience will stay attentive
- Content is memorable and inspires action
- Long form allows for parts (sound bites) to be repurposed for marketing and sales
- Long life cycle: good content that’s well produced can have 365 engagement
- High quality content with a targeted audience is an excellent way to fill pipelines with qualified leads


- Quality isn’t cheap- you get what you pay for
- Most brands have to hire outside vendors- and finding a partner that’s easy to work with, produces great work, affordable, and has years of experience can be hard (Evia makes that part easy 😊)
- Requires post-event content strategy to be maximized 

Would love to hear your opinion. As a marketer, which side of the coin does your brand fall under... quantity or quality?