R&D at Evia: Development Manager Jiju John Discusses the R&D Philosophy at Evia

Jiju John Evia Development Manager

Jiju John
Evia Development Manager

Jiju John is an innovator, and as the Development Manager at Evia, he likes surrounding himself with other innovators, people who are eager to think outside of the box and are not afraid of failure.

I chatted with Jiju and asked him about R&D at Evia, his philosophy and what's the latest innovation being introduced to the marketplace.

How do you approach innovation at Evia?

We approach innovation by looking at problems all over Evia first - what we do, why we do it, when we do it in the process, and is there a chance to automate something.

For example, in our current workflow, when all the servers are onsite, they need to be connected to the LAN.  Now say we have 10 servers onsite. When they connect to the event network, we had to connect the dynamic and static IP's of each server manually. It was taking about 10 minutes to do 10 machines.

Now, 10 minutes isn't a big deal, but extrapolate that to 1,000 machines, and that becomes significant. So we created a small tool. It asks you for an IP address, and then it updates all the machines in one shot. We reduced a 10 minute task to 5 seconds. That is how we think - how can we improve all our current processes.

What else drives innovation at Evia?

We also like to look at what's trending in the market.  For example, we'll look at what Azure and AWS are providing and determine whether those things match with our customers' needs and demands. If we find something, then we develop a proof of concept to prove something is possible, and we determine where we will integrate it into our R&D pipeline.  Our approach is to always look for what problem we are trying to solve, and if we are going to develop a solution, what is the advantage for our customers.

One of the latest solutions coming out of Evia's R&D department is the Copalis Media Production System. Check out the video below where Jiju talks about what Copalis is and what problems it solves for our customers and their digital audiences.