GUEST BLOG: How Hubb Event Management Software is Helping Event Managers Skyrocket Conference ROI

By Allie Magyar, Hubb

You want a great event with ROI that’s out of the park. But, there are two things holding you back from this goal.

First, you have all these technology tools that are billed as “solutions” but they’re not working together in a coordinated way at all, and it’s hindering your ability to market that important event content.

Second, your event managers are struggling.

For years, event coordinator has been listed as the fifth most stressful job in America, behind enlisted military personnel, firefighter, airline pilot, and police officer. Four jobs that are life and death, and one that just feels like it.

The job is so stressful, in part, because it’s so time consuming. Your event managers are working late nights and weekends focusing on tactical administrative work instead of doing the smart strategic work that helps drive your event ROI into the stratosphere.

These problems have serious consequences!

Despite the huge amount of money you’re spending on technology, the different pieces don’t work together in seemingly basic ways that would help you cohesively manage and market your event. For example; a speaker changes and you change it in one place but then your mobile app doesn’t have the most up-to-date schedule and your website isn’t up to date and now you’re presenting two different versions of your event to the world, one of which is inaccurate!

And you’ve hired these smart people but they can’t do their job because they’re chasing after speakers and doing tactical work. Which is causing them to be burned out and under-perform. And if anything does change, it’s these already-overwhelmed event managers who must try and fix it before it’s too late. And that’s having a major negative effect on your event marketing!

Deep breath.

I have good news. I created Hubb, an event technology solution that directly address and solves all those problems that prevent you from maximizing your event marketing and ROI.

Hubb gives you a single source of truth for your speakers, sessions and sponsors.

One place for your call-for-content, grading and speakers to self-manage their content and sessions, and for you to manage your sponsors and exhibitors, as well as your conference staffing. It also gives your attendees a simple and quick way to locate product experts on your conference floor, in real-time, and to schedule meetings with them, all from your event app.

And because Hubb’s API connects with all your other technology, you make one change in Hubb and everything is updated in near-real time across your registration, website, mobile apps, digital signage, and more.

With Hubb, you can get your events to market 29% faster. We’ve measured. This means you’ll have 29% more time to market your event.

Not only that, but your events are more flexible and responsive. A change comes through and you make it in Hubb and it updates everywhere. This is because, with Hubb, your technology works together, as it should.

Because Hubb allows you to connect your registration, marketing automation, sales automation, and on-site services, with your event content, you can get a 360-degree view of your attendees and their actions before, during and after the event. With Meetings, you can schedule and organize any type of event meeting, simplifying your life and giving you unprecedented visibility into the meetings that are happening at your event.

This article was written by Allie Magyar, CEO and founder of Hubb, an event content management platform that automates the complex workflows and tasks required to collect, manage and market content for conferences and meetings.