Evia's Commitment to Environmental Sustainability: Behind the Decision to Open our Ballard Office

by Lila Williams Director of Business Administration

by Lila Williams
Director of Business Administration

Nature is inexhaustibly sustainable if we care for it. It is our universal responsibility to pass a healthy earth on to future generations.
— -Sylvia Dolson

Last month you got a look at our new neighborhood, Ballard, and a glimpse of our new office. But what was behind the decision to open an office in Seattle?

Evia has been operating in Redmond, Washington for 13 years now, and our commercial lease at this office is coming to an end.  As an executive team, we have spent the last couple of years preparing and discussing where we want to be next.  We toured various locations from Bothell in the north all the way down to Georgetown in the south and everywhere else in between.  And for those who are not in the Seattle area, our traffic problems are getting to be pretty legendary.

In thinking about where we wanted to be, we’ve gone back to the drawing board several times.  One of our biggest struggles was finding something affordable in this market while also ensuring our employees would remain happy with whatever location we chose.  For example, if we uprooted everyone to the Georgetown neighborhood, we risked having several people potentially quit or end up disliking their jobs due to a rough commute.  Whatever we decided, it was important to us to maintain our company culture with our next step. 

Suddenly there was an aha-moment!  What if we kept a location in Redmond, but in addition opened a second location in Seattle?  We have employees who were regularly commuting over the bridge from the west to the east side, and that commute was already no picnic. There have been several studies done on the positive impact of working closer to where you live.  In addition, if we opened a second location, we could start to make a small, but meaningful impact on the environment by having fewer people commuting on our already very crowded roads.  This idea started to stick, and the stars aligned.   

As of June 1st, we are excited to announce that we now have Evia East, still in located on the east side in Redmond, and Evia West, which is in the heart of the Ballard neighborhood in Seattle. Our office is located on the Greenfire Campus, which is a LEED Platinum Certified building.  Evia West is our official headquarters and houses our sales, marketing and project management departments.  Evia East will continue to be the location for our production, technical, UX and development parts of our business. 

At Evia, one of our company goals is Environmental Sustainability.  Specifically, we are concerned about the future of our planet’s health, and as a business, we commit to doing what we possibly can to positively impact the environment. By choosing a LEED Platinum Certified building that was designed with sensible and social sustainability, and reducing the commutes of our employees, we are doing what we can. We also will continue to partner with influencers in the event industry to develop new solutions that will help events become environmentally sustainable.  Finally, we are in the process of re-examining our flexible work arrangements to be more conducive to remote working options

Have you considered the impact your organization has on the environment?  If you'd like to ask me any questions on our approach to sustainability and flexible work, leave a comment below or reach out to me directly at lila.williams@evia.events