Let's Get SMART



Over the past year we have been working on making technology work a little smarter. At the forefront of this, our goal is to make ourselves smarter, our customers smarter and customers customer smarter too.

SMART content is about content personalization that is changing how we consume content for good. There is a content personalization revolution happening around SMART content and the brands that use it in the right way are going to come out on top. SMART content starts with Data. I know this concept gets thrown around a bit so let me provide a little context to what some have said about SMART Content. SMART Content blends the best of Search Marketing, Artificial Intelligence, and Content Marketing to power the development, activation, and optimization of high-performing content.

Smart content is dynamic content, is website content that changes based on the interests or past behavior of the viewer designed to offer a more relevant and personalized experience to your website visitors -- one that static content can’t provide.

 Also referred to as "dynamic" or "adaptive" content, SMART content is a term for the aspects of a website, ad, or email body that change based on the interests or past behavior of the viewer. It creates an experience that's customized specifically for the visitor or reader at that moment.

 This means considering factors of your visitors such as:

  • Location

  • Language

  • Device type

  • Referral source

  • Demographics

At Evia, it’s through the relationship with my customers, I have learned what SMART Content is and why it is important. It is all that is above and more. Don’t get confused or misdirected by categories, technology or limitations.  

You just need to drive the right type of content to the right audience.

That’s it. If we really want to engage our audience, let’s give them the information they need in the best way for them to understand it. Put simply:

SMART Content is:
Searchable: The ability to find exactly what you are looking for.
Multi-Language: Content delivered in a language that you understand best.
Accessible: Equal access to content
Ready: Available at a time when the content is still relevant
Targeted: Provided to those people who would benefit most


SMART content can change how people learn and how much time they spend learning what is most important. Searching through hours of content to find something that is relevant is an exercise that we all do regularly. The systems that we are developing now may not solve every problem, but I would like to invite all of you to take a few minutes and think about the future of our product with a growth mindset. Look at the future of SMART content with a growth mindset, come up with new scenarios that can improve the growth and learnings of all communities.

Is your player a SMART Player?

evia_PLAYER_ICON small_evia_PLAYER_ICON small.png

In the digital streaming world, we have heard eternal complaints around low user engagement and very high cost. Content creators expressed frustration over the lack of personalization capabilities – the unavailability of platforms that host content with advanced customization options. Relying on Public platforms only meant the inability to monetize and control one’s own content.

Even if one is willing to overlook the above factors, the eternal wait time to produce such responsive videos and the ineffective translator services, produced unreasonable time lapse, language barrier and limited content shareability.

Evia recognized the disadvantages that loomed the market and realized that the single solution was to be ‘SMART’!


SMART content has always been one of the core competencies at Evia. It is more than just well written or well-executed content. It’s something that takes your efforts to the next level, increasing ROI and driving more qualified leads into your pipeline personalized characteristics of the visitor consuming it.


We at Evia have been able to integrate ‘Smartness’ into the core of our products. We are ready to launch the Evia Player - a product which uses Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence to make your content more targeted, noticeable, searchable and engaging. It will be available early January 2020, preceded by a soft launch due in November 2019.

With advanced Search and Shareability features, Evia Player is a solution that abstracts metadata - spoken words, people, keywords etc. to make content accessible to a global audience. It has built-in Closed Captioning with multi-language support and auto scroll transcripts. With an Auto Scaling cloud infrastructure, this solution can scale to deliver VOD (Video on Demand) sessions within 24 hours.

Built on the AWS platform, Evia Player is the ultimate answer to all your content woes.

“It’s the shareability feature that’s going to take the market by storm”
— Product Team at Evia.



While a lot of families were heading off to vacation for the summer, the Evia crew was hard at work with a busy lineup of exciting summer events.

Excuse us for name dropping but we feel the need to gush about the amazing summer we’ve had so far.