Unlike other providers who are married to one platform or content delivery network, Evia utilizes a technology-agnostic approach when designing and delivering virtual events.  Our technical experts are knowledgeable across an array of networks, streaming services, CDNs and channels, allowing them to architect the best broadcast for every event.


Evia utilizes an agile approach to technology to deliver success rates over 99.99%. 
We start by predicting failure and mitigating risk. Redundancy is built into the entire workflow, both in the architecture of the stream and into the platforms we use.


Redundancy is designed into the entire workflow.
Evia’s solutions allow us to make sure your stream continues even when outside factors intervene. Many things can disrupt the internet. Infrastructure components can go down.  By architecting redundant pathways and cross-platform solutions throughout the process to assure your session broadcast continues to reach your audience.



With Evia, your stream is secure throughout the delivery chain.
We utilize encryption protocol from the encoder to the client – not just encrypting the player and web page, but encrypting the actual stream at every point along the way. This means that your valuable content stays secure. 


Measure the effectiveness of your content in real time.
Our customized technology solutions approach allows us to integrate your virtual content with your marketing automation system so you can be strategic about how you gate your content and knowledgeable about who is watching.  We allow you to measure content performance so you can keep audiences engaged in real time or in the future as you prepare for your next event.