Tri-Digital began with three guys in a basement and an idea. Mark Monrean, Roger Swearingen, and Jeffrey Fessler (a company president, a techie and a marketer) all worked together at a Seattle technology company and realized there was a huge demand for cool digital media content on CD-ROMs that could be used in presentations and documents. They released DIGICLIPS™ in 1995, a CD-ROM loaded with bitmaps, animations, and video, voice, and music clips. Following its phenomenal success, Tri-Digital released the sequel, Screen Smashers, and it became Tri-Digital’s second big hit.


Remember how cutting-edge CD-ROMs seemed back then? Tri-Digital was there when digital media technology took off, and it has been there ever since, using it to create engaging, useful digital experiences. The technology has come a long way from burning CD-ROMs. Now almost anyone can create digital media on their personal computers and devices, share it via social media, and store it in the Cloud.

Tri-Digital has been at the forefront of using digital media to transform how global business events are run. With our services, anyone anywhere can access event content either live or on demand.


Tri-Digital is now Evia. With more than 34 employees, we offer a broad range of services, including event capture, live streaming, design, development and our first product, the Evia in the Cloud virtual event platform. We serve hundreds of clients, including Amazon, Starbucks, Microsoft, the University of Washington, Slalom Consulting, and many more.
Our relationships with our clients have lasted year after year. Why? Because our founders passed on a belief that the purpose of technology is to serve their needs and not vice versa. In fact, developing solutions for our clients’ particular requirements has led Evia to make advancements in event capture technology. We’re now leading experts in the industry!