Evia Goes to SXSW

Way up in our corner of the Pacific Northwest, pelted by rain and the occasional traffic halting snow flurry, we at Evia are about ready for a ray or two of sunshine. Enter South by Southwest (SXSW), the major technology, film, and music conference and festivals that pop up across Austin, Texas each spring.


More than an excuse to escape to sunnier plains, the team at Evia jumped at the chance to witness “the convergence of the interactive, film, and music industries” the week of March 13th-17th.

As an event planning company that specializes in live streaming and capture, Evia is always looking for what’s on the cusp of emerging technology. We want to learn new things, especially about startups in the AR/VR space and how these innovations are changing the industries.

The lessons we learn, we plan to bring back and share with the team!

The Plan:

Three from the marketing team are embarking on the SXSW adventure next week. We’ve got our schedules filled out according to our Interactive Badge.

As a company, our mission is “Content to the People.” What that means is that we are helping companies, brands and organizations tell their stories through their content. With that in mind, our goal for this event is to focus on storytelling from different perspectives. Each of us will focus on a different element of storytelling. We’ll be talking to people we meet and learning their stories and sharing our favorite things we learned each day (so stay tuned for live video)!

Below are the areas each of us will be focusing on:

Laura: Experiential Storytelling (How immersive experiences are disrupting storytelling)

Molly: Social Impact (Enabling people to share their stories)

Linda: Branding (How your brand embodies your story)

There are so many interesting tracks and tags, narrowing down which to attend was a challenge.

While we’re disappointed to miss National Geographic’s Cory Richard’s talk on March 11 (we get in the 12th), we’re pretty excited that the keynote, along with other sessions can be streamed via Facebook Live.

The team from Evia will be posting and sharing, so don’t forget to follow us on social media TwitterFacebookInstagram. Follow the hashtag #sxsw2017#EviaOnTheRoad.

You can find our experiences in story form on our Medium page.