Evia at NAB 2017 — Drones, Cameras, Robotics, and More

The camera crew at Evia got a chance to explore NAB Show 2017 last month in Las Vegas. When they returned, they were bursting to describe the experience (and what they wanted to purchase) from the show! Read on, as Video Production Manager-at-Large, Scott and Technical Specialist, Paul write what most excited them at NAB 2017 and tips for navigating the next conference.

Video Production Manager


Are these people plugged into the Matrix? Or just plugged into Virtual Reality? You be the judge.

Las Vegas Baby!!!!!!! That was the destination of NAB 2017! The excitement was palpable. But this time, it wasn’t about the weather, the gambling, the shows, the drinking, or the parties, it was because of NAB 2017! As a video professional that has worked in the industry for over 20 years, I had heard the stories, but never attended NAB. This was going to be my first!

Are these people plugged into the Matrix? Or just plugged into Virtual Reality? You be the judge.

The moment I stepped off the monorail at the Las Vegas Convention Center, I knew I was in for something amazing. The scale of this event is hard to describe. Imagine there were 10 football fields put together in a row, and now picture something that’s 10 times that size!!! That is the size of this event. NAB describes itself as “NAB Show, the world’s largest annual convention encompassing the convergence of media, entertainment and technology,” but that doesn’t quite explain what my eyes were seeing when I stepped onto the exhibition floor. I would describe it as a Geek’s paradise! And I use the word Geek as a positive. If you enjoy things related to technology, cameras, videography, live streaming, virtual reality, drones, switchers, audio boards, LED walls, Robotics, etc. etc, then I can confidently say that you are in a Geek’s Paradise at NAB 2017.

And I felt right at home there.

Eye candy on steroids!!! Trying to single out one cool thing to talk about would be unfair. But let me just geek out about the cameras, for a second. Every kind of camera and camera-rig, big or small, was at this event. There were the top of the line cameras that cost over $300,000 to the smallest, most affordable cameras. This event had it all. Lenses that would make a Director of Photography drool! Some that are used on modern feature length films, and some lenses that are so small that they could be operated by a toddler and could fit onto your pinky finger.

And what about those DRONES!!!??

Drones have come sooooo far since we saw the first iteration. Now they come in all sizes and shapes. Some small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, and then some that can handle the full weight of a fully-rigged out cinematic camera. It seemed like every other booth had some sort of new drone technology that they were rolling out. Most of the drones were made specifically for videography, but some were merely made for stunt piloting and could travel up to 60 miles per hour!!!

I did attend some of the classes/sessions at NAB Show 2017. My favorite was by Adobe Creative Cloud and all the new features they were rolling out. I feel like I became a better editor just through osmosis!!! If you plan to go to NAB Show to learn, then there is a session for you. They have hundreds of sessions during the week-long event. I wish I had time to attend all of them.

The atmosphere was electric, and I can’t do NAB 2017 justice in just this little blog. You have to be there and experience it for yourself to understand the Geek Paradise that I experienced.



Paul exploring NAB in person for the first time.

Technical Specialist

The National Association of Broadcasting (NAB) is the go-to conference for any gear head or tech junkie who works in broadcasting, live streaming, and media creation. I was given the opportunity to attend some sessions and navigate the expo hall. This was my first time attending NAB in person, and I thought I had a general idea of the scale from tuning into previous years’ live streams.

Before going, I felt prepared. I researched sessions, looked at the expo hall layout and scheduled meet ups with vendors I have been in communication with for months. I had a plan and I felt confident about how efficiently I would use the small amount of time to get the most benefit.

After being smooshed on the monorail like sardines, we arrived at the conference. Entering the expo hall, there were booths for what seemed like miles, an endless building filled with thousands of people, hundreds of booths, and the newest technology. Walking into the expo hall was jarring at first, but once we found a few large landmarks, it was much easier to navigate.

At this point, most of my plan for navigating the expo hall was scrapped. I realized quickly that having too many plans in a tight time frame would never work, and being flexible is key to making the most out of a conference.
After adopting this mind-set, Scott and I set a few overall goals for each day. There were a handful of vendors we wanted to visit that we either had specific questions for or were interested in learning more about.

One strategy we adopted was to reach out to specific vendors via email and ask if there was a favorable time frame to stop by their booth and then we used that as a general guide instead of having specific meeting times which each vendor.

NAB 2017 was filled with incredible, new, innovative technology that will push our industry forward at an incredible speed. These are a few tips to keep in mind for the next conference you plan to attend to help you get the most information out of your experience.

Before the event:

  • Research sessions that look interesting. Keep in mind the location and time frame and consider the scale of the venue. It might not be possible to attend every session you are interested in.
  • Connect with vendors via email and start asking questions about their services or products, so when you arrive on site, you can dive deeper into their service or product. Let the vendors know what days you will be attending and if there are times throughout the day that work better to stop by the booth.
  • Look at the expo hall layout and group vendors by location within the expo hall. This will be helpful managing time while walking the expo hall.

Onsite at the event:

  • Navigate to where the sessions take place, and note the size and layout of the venue. Reference the locations of the sessions that looked interesting, and determine if it’s possible to attend all the sessions you researched. Most sessions have limited amount of seating and generally will have a line if it is popular.
  • When exploring the expo hall, start from one side and end at the other. This will save your legs at the end of the day and will help you see the most booths in the shortest amount of time. You can always circle back to the booths if you missed something.
  • Realize the expo hall is generally open for more than one day. Take your time. You don’t have to see everything the first day you get there.

NAB 2017 was an incredible experience! It was great to be immersed by so much technology, innovation and new ideas that are always pushing this industry forward. My biggest takeaway was the passion for content creation from all the vendors and the attendees.