Parental Leave: Why It Should Be An Important Part of Your Benefit Plan

In May of 2015, the company decided to improve our parental leave benefit, rolling out a comprehensive maternity AND paternity leave plan. This new plan now includes twelve weeks off, ten of which are paid, for the birth or adoption of a child.

Evia Goes Back to School

I’m totally “that kid” that loved everything Back-to-School…the new pencils, new schedule, new shoes (if I was lucky). September for me is the chance to reset and renew after a busy summer. So you can imagine my excitement when Evia was invited to participate in a marketing course at the University of Washington.

GUEST BLOG: How Hubb Event Management Software is Helping Event Managers Skyrocket Conference ROI

You want a great event with ROI that’s out of the park. But, there are two things holding you back from this goal.

First, you have all these technology tools that are billed as “solutions” but they’re not working together in a coordinated way at all, and it’s hindering your ability to market that important event content.

Second, your event managers are struggling.

Beware the Event Room Poachers

Since room poachers rarely deliver on their promises, the consequences can be expensive for those that fall for the scams of these poachers.  The worst of these could be arriving at the event to find out that no room reservations exist, but because you paid the poachers, you've already been charged.  If rooms are even still available, you are now paying a second time for your room, and probably at a higher rate.  

Taking a Break from Tech

In an ever-increasing number of societies around the world, we are constantly surrounded by screens. They are an ingrained part of our lives and are here to stay. But what effect do these virtual images have on our eyes and our brain and our selves? Screens and electronics are arguably a necessary evil. However, you can take steps to ensure that you remain healthy -- and human-- without the need to abandon technology altogether.

Creating Engaging Content Through Creative Problem Solving

Hi! I'm Colleen Ando, and I'm the new Creative Director at Evia. You may be wondering why a live streaming company hired a CD with an interest in fashion. In order to explain, let me tell you about my first experience at a conference where Evia was live streaming.

The Day I Realized How Important Accessibility Is

I was flying home from a weekend trip visiting family on the east coast. After waking from an hour and half nap, I realized that I had another three hours to go on my flight. I perused through the Gogo inflight entertainment and started watching a program on Badlands National Park. I was halfway into my second show when my wireless headphones gave out. I forgot my charger, so I listened through my phone’s speakers and kept the volume low. But with all the airplane noise, I could barely hear and was afraid the sound from my speaker would disturb the rest of my row mates (even if they head their headphones on).

Livestreaming as Content Marketing: Quantity vs. Quality

I attended SummitLive on Wednesday, a program for live streamers with great speakers and fantastic networking. The audience and panelists came from diverse backgrounds: some who livestream on a simple set up to individual followers, like an iPhone onto Facebook Live, and others, like Evia, who have invested millions into the highest quality professional equipment and broadcast on robust platforms, and livestream as a service for large events and meetings.