Evia is a company with deep roots in the Seattle tech community and in digital media founded in the 1990s, when distributing media content on CD-ROMs was cutting edge and Microsoft was the primary technology company in town.


Evia has evolved over the years to serve the needs of a growing number of clients interested in harnessing the power of video to engage audiences. We have grown from a three-person company with one primary client to one of the top three full-service companies in the world that streams, captures and distributes video online for events.


our ceo

Hilary Laney is passionate about making sure Evia is more than a company providing excellent products and services. She believes Evia can be a force for good in the community. Laney cares deeply about environmental sustainability, making sure the Pacific Northwest is a great place to live, and that women and girls have equal opportunities in education and the workplace.

Evia was founded by Mark Monrean, who instilled in her the belief that women could achieve anything men could. Hilary worked “in the trenches” at Evia for over ten years, managing projects and going onsite for events all over the world, before she elevated herself to the position she is today.  As a woman-owned technology company, Evia occupies a unique space and believes it has an important role to play in changing the technology landscape to encourage gender diversity.

At Evia, we are fully committed to being an active voice in the conversation encouraging more female presence in this industry. - Hilary

what we do

Evia offers a complete digital event experience to companies of all sizes. Our services include
digital event strategy, creative services, content capture, live streaming, media production, video production, content management, and digital event platform development via Evia Cloud.

We work with clients throughout the life cycle of the event planning process, in order to
help clients understand

  1. why they want to add live streaming

  2. what they hope to accomplish by adding a digital component to their event

  3. how they can create a full event experience for online guests. 

Live streaming has become more accessible and more customers have come to expect live streaming options (as an alternative to in-person event attendance). We have been fortunate to host events for hundreds of clients including Amazon Web Services, Starbucks, Microsoft, the University of Washington, Tableau, and many more.